We try new things, in terms of production, because we value being experimental.

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As with most great ventures, ours started as a hobby while we lived in Jo’burg. Our mutual fascination with the process of distillation soon led us to not only relocating to the charming town of Paarl, but also officially establishing ourselves as Stillman Distillery in March of 2018.

Our most true of passions is to create spirits that are locally little to unheard-of, whilst representing our stunning landscape and remaining true to the roots of our nation. We seek to continue along this path through attempting to see the unseen and focus on remaining experimental at all costs.

We are driven.
We are experimental.
We seek to see products fuelled by passion come to life.
Our presence challenges the status quo, or so we’ve been told.
And quite frankly, that’s the way we like it.

We are Stillman Distillery.


We’ve allowed our experimental nature to overflow into all we do, and there is no exception in the regard of our mixology.

The following are a few favourite recipes we crafted - consider trying one or two when drinking Graphite Gin, they’re delicious, we promise!

Stop by, we're open.

R45 Simondium Guild, Klapmuts - Simondium Rd, Suider, Paarl, 7670

Mon - Thu & Sun 11am till 5 pm
Fri & Sat 11am till 6pm

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Reserve your bottle of Goldsmith Rum

Have you heard? In the next two months, we’ll be launching our limited edition Oak Aged Rum. There will only be 200 bottles available each month, so reserve your bottle today by dropping us a mail via our contact form. Please indicate that you’re interested in Goldsmith Rum in the message portion, along with how many you would like. Alternatively, you can email your reservation to info@stillman.co.za